American Supergroup – Pop, MTV Live, & MTV Classic – We helped develop, cast, and produce.
Production Partner: Josephson Entertainment and Gary Wayne Bridges.

Bye Felicia! – VH1 - We helped develop, cast, and produce.
Production Partner: Lighthearted Entertainment

We have several projects set up with various production partners and look forward to working with you!

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We are ALWAYS looking for the next big thing! Do you have a crazy family? A unique business? A funny group of friends? If people often tell you that you should have your own reality show, here’s your chance!

Please send a recent photo, along with the following information to:

Don’t forget to include:

1.) Name, age, and where you’re from

2.) Occupation

3.) Show concept and why you think you, your family, friends, or co-workers should have their own show.

4.) Your contact info


Although we always try to reach out to everyone that emails us, sometimes it is not possible. If we’re interested in moving forward with you, we will be in touch. Thanks in advance!